Meet the Family

Meet me. 

You can read more about me on my About Me page. (that's what that page is for anyway, right?)

Meet the husband.

The husband and I have been together since March 24, 2005.  We met over a piece of cake......literally.  It's funny the way life works, isn't it?  We dated for a little over two years when he popped the question and were married a year after that.  He's an amazing husband and an even more amazing father. Plus, he tolerates my rants, raves and everything in between.  To this day, it still baffles my mind.

Meet the little guy. 

The little guy was born on October 3, 2010, after I was induced for two days.  I was literally hours away from the doctor ordering a C-Section when, all of a sudden, he decided to make his appearance into the world. 

The little guy has changed me and the husband's lives in unimaginable ways.  We laugh more, smile more and truly appreciate life more because of him.