Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Where Is It Game?

The little guy has taken on a new venture in life.....the where is it? game.  What exactly is the where is it? game?  Basically, I spend a few seconds putting toys on top of his high chair and the little guy promptly throws them off of the high chair.  The best part is that he's angry if I don't pick up his toys.  He stares at the fallen object and then at me, wondering why the heck I don't pick them up.

At first it was really cute but the more he does it, the more I wonder why I keep placating him.  I vow to stand firm but then the second he looks at me I cave in and do what he wants.  Oh well, I guess that means that I'll be working hard on my six-pack from all of that bending....right?

I was able to capture it on video, but this doesn't show the extent of it.  At the time of the recording, he wasn't feeling well and was acting a little bit loopy.

How about you?  Anyone have any experience with the where is it game?