Monday, July 18, 2011

The Importance of Dating

I'm a working mom who wants to spend every moment I can with my son.  I'm also a wife, and since the little guy's been born, the wife side of me hasn't be very apparent.  Some say that's what happens when you have children.  I say that's not a good enough answer.  When I forget to be a wife, I'm also forgetting that my son needs to see parents who love each other.  It's important to me, and it's important to my husband. 

On Saturday I went kicking and screaming on a date with the husband.  We asked my mom to watch the little guy for three hours so we could get some meaningful, adult conversation into our day.  We grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to a local park.

Things began to pick up right where we had left off before we had the little guy. I remembered what it was like to hold his hand, to laugh with abandon and to truly enjoy one another's company.

I wanted to remember each moment, so I took a few pictures of our special time with each other.

After our date was over, we went back to my mom's house.  I was a little worried that the little guy would be upset that we left but you know what........?

.....he was just fine.

This little outing reinforced what I've been told all along - we needed this date as much as our little guy did. The chance to reconnect, re-energize and revitalize our relationship was worth its weight in gold. We'll definitely be scheduling dates more often.  Thanks for babysitting for us, mom.  We really appreciate it!

Does anyone else have date days/nights? Tell me about them!